5 Things Every Bride Needs To Hear

There are two ways to look at a wedding gown. It’s either a dress you’ll only wear once, kind of a waste of money, or it’s the most important gown you’ll ever wear, your most definitive wardrobe choice ever. Obviously at Signor Mont, our views are in line with the latter. So below are a few messages we have for brides that we think are a must before embarking on the hunt for the perfect gown.

1)  Forget your dream gown.

So many girls say “I already know what dress I’m having” when they are waiting for that question to be popped. This is one of the key mistakes many brides make when beginning their search for ‘the dress’. You cannot know what your dream gown looks like. If you’ve seen a picture of a dress you love, then there’s every chance you’ll see a new picture next week that you like even more. Tastes change. Fashions fade. The bridal gown process can last a year or more, and what you love today may be offensive and dated to you in a year’s time, especially now in the age of Instagram, where fashion evolves at lightning speed. So what do you do then? Take inspiration but keep an open mind. Think of the things you do love about gowns that you’ve seen but remember that most gowns can’t be recreated (and shouldn’t). If you love a gown with volume or a particular style of detailing, use this as inspiration rather than the whole gown.

2)  Honesty is everything

You need people who will be honest to help you with the hunt for the perfect gown. Anybody can say lovely things and feel all warm and fuzzy about trying on gowns or meeting with designers but you need to know what will work for you and what won’t. Whether you are a flawless self-loving goddess or you hate aspects of your body you need an objective eye to tell you what looks best and what doesn’t. So many girls love gowns that are wrong for them, sheer panels on saggy busts, curves in the most unflattering places, details that draw attention to the least impressive parts of the body. Not to mention silhouettes that shorten and widen women. No matter what silhouette you like, remember you must keep an open mind. If you only try on mermaid style gowns you’ll never have a point of comparison.

3) You are unique

You are one of a kind in every way. At Signor Mont, we celebrate this. Every bridal gown should be one of a kind, like the person wearing it, for so many reasons. The curves of a gown should enhance your own shape. The lace detailing should play up your assets. The silhouette should best compliment your taste and figure. The style of the gown should speak to the core of your being. If you are a trendy, modern woman, why would you look like every other traditional bride? The thought of walking into a shop and buying a pre-made gown baffles me.  How can it possibly be the right shape? How can the placement of the detailing contour your body? These are all things that bespoke couture caters for.

3)  Trust the process

I stumbled across a quote that, to me, embodies the most important message a bride needs to hear: “Give them what they never knew they wanted”. Think of all the most inspiring gowns you’ve seen. What do you love about them? Probably that they were different. Would you have imagined this yourself? Probably not. Trusting a designer, an expert in their field is important. This is the difference between a dressmaker and a designer. Have an idea of your style, have an idea of your aesthetic and the feel of your wedding and let them drive the rest. It would be like going to a restaurant and telling the chef how best to cook each meal if you didn’t. Also, get rid of all that anxiety about a dress not looking ‘bridal’. If you are at your own wedding , I’m fairly certain everyone will know that you’re the bride. What would be worse would be everyone thinking you looked like a typical bride. To me, that’s the problem with the entire bridal industry. If we had a dollar for every strapless mermaid bride that walked down the aisle we’d all be filthy rich!

4)  Styling is as important as the dress.

We’ve all seen it. Beautiful dress, awful styling. Veils aren’t for everyone. Not everyone looks nice with their hair in a chignon, some people look far too casual with their hair down. They might have a beautiful dress, then go for a ‘statement bouquet’ that destroys everything. You need all the elements to work together in harmony. Sometimes, a classic gown needs an edgy hairstyle. Sometimes everything needs to be classic in style to continue the story. If you’re going avant-garde, a veil might undo all the modernity. There’s no hard and fast answer but the best tip would be to rely on the professionals to help. That’s why with every Signor Mont bridal gown we offer an inclusive styling service. When we create each gown, it becomes a part of us, and we want you to look the best you can on the big day, in every way possible from the gown to the hair and flowers. The gown should tell a story and we want to be a core part of this story.

5)  The process is just as important as the product.

With bespoke gowns, it’s about more than the gown. It’s the provenance. The background. You know that it’s been made for you. You’ve been there from the inception and at every stage you’ve seen it come to life. The lines contour your body, the shapes compliment your curves. The designer has put their blood, sweat and tears into the gown and it reflects the both yourself and them. It’s a part of both of you. And on your wedding day, you can hold your head up high as you stun your guests, knowing that you are dressed in a gown that has captured the essence of true couture. Yours and never to be repeated.

Hopefully we’ve helped open your mind when embarking on the journey to finding ‘the gown’. If you take one message away from this post, let it be these words from the photographer Cecil Beaton:

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.

Signor Mont xx




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