The Bride Wore Black…

Signor Mont dresses Sophie Cachia Shaw, also known as The Young Mummy.


When I first met Sophie I instantly knew we would soon have a special gown in the making. The brief: a black bridal gown. My reaction: Alleluiah! So refreshing to meet a bride that could throw caution to the wind and was prepared to do something different, but more importantly, a bride who did it exactly the way she wanted to.

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After Sophie came with some initial ideas I sketched some concepts for her, incorporating these ideas and my own. We came to a silhouette that emphasized her assets and not only suited her body but her personality. To put Sophie in a strapless tulled mermaid gown would’ve been wrong on every level.

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In terms of detailing, Sophie wanted something with a little ‘wow factor’. As well as sourcing a heavily beaded lace for her, I suggested we incorporate leather throughout the gown to add dimension and depth. This added further visual interest and an unexpected, modern touch. The fact that Sophie didn’t flinch in the slightest at my suggestion of leather confirmed to me that she was prepared to take a risk and trust the process.

Photo 24-08-2015 6 03 19 pm As we worked through the initial fittings we refined the fit on the toile (a mock-up gown made from calico) and ensured the lines of the gown were placed perfectly to accentuate each of Sophie’s curves. Once the gown was then constructed in the actual silk fabrics, the ‘marathon fittings’ began.

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At Signor Mont, we drape the lace on the bride. Although this takes some time, it allows us to best contour the body and ensure that the lines and patterns of the lace truly frame each client’s body. This is the beauty of bespoke. It is made only for you. The curves match yours. No matter how hard you try, the gown can never be replicated exactly. Every leaf, crest, motif or flower is strategically placed whether it is to enlarge or reduce the appearance of the bust, cinch the waist visually or frame the hips.

Photo 10-10-2015, 12 25 31 PMAt each of the draping fittings we would also discuss styling options such as hair, makeup and shoes, trying various options and photographing them so we could reflect on them later. I sourced 2 veil options for Sophie, one a modern cage net veil and the second a vintage French silk netting however once we tried these we opted for a cleaner, fresher look without either. It is this added step in the Signor Mont service that ensures our brides always hit the mark with their styling, as Sophie did so perfectly.

Photo 10-10-2015, 7 06 09 PM Sophie’s gown incorporated a full corset structure as well as 100% silk inside and out. Each of the pieces of lace was cut and meticulously hand sewn in place, as was the leather paneling. The flouncy skirt incorporated triple volume so that Sophie’s walk would be striking and the gown would flick open dramatically in trumpet shapes as she moved. The closure of the gown was 50 leather covered buttons, made locally from the leather in Sophie’s gown.

Photo 27-09-2015, 12 50 36 AM With countless hours of hand finishing, Sophie’s gown was entirely made in our Brunswick atelier. There is no hiding our work space from our brides, we take pride in the fact that couture is art and we are artisans, tirelessly creating each piece with love and attention to detail.

Photo 10-10-2015, 5 19 20 PM On the day of the wedding, as with every Signor Mont bride, I personally delivered the gown and dressed Sophie myself. This is another aspect of Signor Mont that sets us apart. Every gown is a piece of us and we want to be part of the day. Our brides are our muses and it’s only natural we want to be there to see them in all their glory on their most special of days.

Photo 10-10-2015, 5 19 37 PM Sophie was in essence the perfect client. Strong, independent and she knew her style and her body innately. She had an incredible amount of trust in the process and at every stage she’d repeat ‘I trust you’ when I would seek her feedback on aspects of the gown. As I would drape on her for hours at a time, this hard-working woman would be tirelessly multitasking, blogging, Instagramming and kicking goals in a hundred different ways, as she tends to do so well.

12096334_992779294112044_6473156421092750293_n The result was the most spectacular gown which captured the core of Sophie’s style with a distinctly Signor Mont flavour. Timeless yet edgy and an heirloom of the future.  I am honored that Sophie chose Signor Mont and loved every minute of working with her.

12074753_992771697446137_2746326444283333293_nWishing Sophie, Jaryd and little Bobby a lifetime of happiness, it was a blast being part of their magical day!

SM xx

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