Who cares about a wedding dress?!

Welcome to the first of many Signor Mont blogs. This page is dedicated to all things style-related, usually of the wedding variety. Today’s entry is about me. It does make sense after all, for my readers to know a little about me and what drives me, Anthony, the man behind Signor Mont Couture.

So how does a twenty-something man end up in the business of bridal couture? Well, the truth is, I was born this way. From as early as I can remember, I was obsessed, consumed with brides. As a boy of 5 years old I was hand-sewing bridal gowns for my sister’s Barbie dolls. When all my friends and I would be at the newsagency, while they would be trawling through comics, auto magazines and Playboy, there I would be gasping at the pages of Bride To Be. At around the age of 9, my father drove me to a number of bridal shops in the northern suburbs to place some of my sketches under their doors asking if they needed a designer.

Now, after all these years and after life has unfolded, here I am, having founded my own label to make dreams come true, both mine and those of my future clients. Many would look at bridal couture and the bridal industry in general and label it as ludicrous and ridiculous, commercial and outdated. That is their prerogative. In my view, a wedding is a chance to escape from the reality of every day and to unashamedly celebrate the most sacred of commodities: love. And shouldn’t you feel special on that big day? I think so, for many reasons.

At most weddings, the happy couple invite all the people who are dearest to them in this world. All of them. If you’re European, you also invite an additional few hundred guests just to keep the peace. All these people, gathered. What’s one of the things they’ll remember most? The dress, of course.

But that’s not the only reason it’s important. I can’t name a bride I know who didn’t try her hardest to look her best for the big day. Your wedding day is the day when you aim to look the most fabulous you’ve ever looked, the healthiest, your hair and makeup done, all attention on you. The photographers, professional and amateur are capturing your every move. And there it will be immortalized: Your ultimate, most important wardrobe choice, ever.

That’s where I come in. I live for this. I understand how important that gown is to you. I know you want something that you will forever cherish. I believe a gown should be one of a kind, just like the person wearing it. It should be made from the finest materials and with an attention to detail. I believe that brides in 2015 are the luckiest, most liberated women and that a gown should reflect the modern bride. I believe that craftsmanship and artisanship is of the highest importance and that a bridal gown should be made using only the finest of materials and both traditional and cutting-edge techniques. I believe that a wedding dress should exude style that is not only avant-garde but that nods to the past so that it can stand the test of time and become a classic of the future. And above all, I believe in beauty and creating it from the heart and with passion.

So if you are a prospective bride, get in touch. Let’s create magic for your most special of days.

Anthony Montesano

Designer, Signor Mont Couture

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